What do we do - to minimize our environmental impact?

Deliveries to/from us: We work constantly to make deliveries to and from us so effective and energy efficient as possible, including by coordinating them - so far it´s possible to minimize the transports.

Our deliveries are made for the most part with the Post company. This company takes environmental issues very seriously. The company replaces in so far as it goes by railway. They train their drivers to run in an environmentally sound manner, and take other measures that reduce fuel consumption. They also seeks to use the best fuel.

Stationery and other office supplies

We handle all the contacts that are possible - electronically, both with customers and with suppliers. For order confirmation, announcements and other information to/from our various distributors and customers, we have a well-developed system for transmitting information via mail and computer files, which replaces the information on paper. In the cases we must use paper, we use only eco-labeled paper and, wherever possible, recyclable office supplies.

Recycling and waste sorting

We sort paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, batteries, electronics and household waste.


We try to minimize our travel, using information society channels - where this is possible.

Energy Supply

Electricity to the heating of offices and storage that we consume, comes from a supplier who works exclusively with renewable energy sources such as hydro and wind.


For our purchasing, we try, as far as possible, choose products and services that are environmentally friendly. We are constantly reviewing the products we buy for offices and storage, eg paper, packaging and office supplies, to see if there are any more environmentally alternatives in the market.

Environmental thinking - part of our everyday lives!

Environmental thinking is a natural part of our daily work – that govern our decisions, both large and small. In the workplace, we have such as crockery and cutlery not disposables. Environmental thinking permeates entire business, which contributes to all employees strives towards the same goal.