AddBooks delivers MP3-books and Ebooks worldwide direct download. For other products, we deliver to addresses in Sweden and the countries within the EU. The average delivery time is two working days from order date within Sweden. Delivery times on the website, are expected delivery times and we do not guarantee, that the goods sent from us, comes within a specified number of weekdays, when unforeseen delays may occur. The delivery time for your order are calculated after the normal delivery time, from the suppliers who stock the products. Since we do not have our own stock, we order in products as needed, from publishers and suppliers. Expected delivery of the order, is specified in the checkout before you confirm the order. Note that the expected delivery time is valid for transport in Sweden. The delivery time to other EU-countries, will be considerably longer. For some parts of northern Sweden and Gotland, it is a time delay, this is not included in the estimated delivery time we enter in the site.

Delay: Since we do not have our own stock – we order products daily – so we are depending on that the supply works. Sometimes it happens that a goods delivery is delayed and that means that the delivery of your order, may take a little longer than expected. It may also arise unforeseen delays, in the shipping companies we use for delivery to our customers. We can not guarantee that your order will arrive at a certain day. We can not replace you at any delay. Delivery problems that we know of, you will be aware of, if you provided an email address where we can contact you.

Cancellation: Products we can not deliver, is not backordered, it must be ordered again by you. If we need to cancel any of your order, we will notify you through e-mail, as soon as we receive the necessary information.